A little bit more in-depth look at our day in Chichen Itza.  We started out in pretty heavy rain from an overnight storm, the streets of Cancun were completely flooded on our way out of town.



When you arrive in Chichen Itza, you are really bombarded with folks trying to sell their goods and souvenirs.  This is “Alex” I believe, he was really polite.



Being one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”, it draws people.  And lots of them.  We were there during a ‘slow’ time and it seemed to be packed.  This, I believe, was the Warriors Building.



Another view of the “warriors”.  I went for a little more artistic impression on this one.



The skulls of the warriors that lost their lives here.



There is lots of construction going on, in almost every area of the monument.  They have to use the original rock.  These are the steps up to the top of the “Ball Field”.



A basic overview shot.  It was very challenging trying to get an image without tourists in it.



And lastly, probably one of my favorite images from our entire trip.  It was starting to get very hot, and incredibly humid.  This dog was just moving from one shade spot to another…



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