This was our second day in the mountains.  We did the West Ridge of Mount Quandary.  Matt and I did this ridge last year, and it was fun taking a couple of guys that hadn’t done it before.  It was an interesting day, our group climbed up a trail that doesn’t get much use.  The main trail was packed, over 500 people on the mountain that day.  It was kind of demoralizing getting to the summit by ourselves and then having to walk down the main trail with all those people.  This first image is from the van, on the way to the trailhead.


This is Kenton’s favorite way to rest while hiking.  He has his own “move” patented!


This is the West Ridge of Quandary.  We literally zip up this to the summit.  Cool stuff.


The guys at work on the ridge.  Lots of scree and long drops to contend with.