A few more images from our Colorado adventure!  We had to get up a little early for this day, 4:30am is a tough wake up call.


A beautiful approach for us on this day.  The trail up to Harvard-Columbia is really well maintained.


While in the Horn Fork Basin, we were greeted with a rainbow on the hills.  This was both good and bad.  We struggled with rain for over 3 hours in the morning.


Finally getting up above tree line, we were unable to see the mountain we were climbing all morning as it was shrouded in clouds.  As we approached the summit, the clouds finally started to give way.


The next adventure after summiting Harvard was a traverse of this ridge line.  We didn’t realize the amount of time this was going to involve, but we made it.  Mount Columbia is hidden in the clouds to the right.


On the summit of Harvard, a small blessing left by a fellow hiker.  Good thing we had someone watching over us this day!