What a great wedding party to work with yesterday.  Everyone was really laid back and helpful.  Some great back story to this image!  I found this stairway with some beautiful natural light coming in.  Phillip, who was patiently waiting for the wedding and to see his bride for the first time, was more than happy to have something to do and posed for a photo here.


Up in the bridal room, I showed everyone in the room the image, expect Autumne, the bride.  She could tell by everyones reaction that it was a great picture!  They hadn’t seen each other yet and we wanted to keep that special.


So…., after the wedding, I knew I wanted to get a chance to head back down to that stairway with the happy couple.  After a wedding, things get kind of crazy with family and friends wanting to wish you well and congratulate.  I just needed 2 minutes, and we got this…