A little back story for this image.  In March, I will have been assigned to this rig for 10 years.  I am the ‘Engineer’ of the apparatus, which is really cool.  What kid, at some point in their life, hasn’t said, “I want to drive a fire truck.”  I have been lucky enough to do just that for a long time with the same rig.  Our truck has 90,000 miles on it and we have 3 shifts.  That means I have upwards of 30,000 miles of emergency apparatus drive time.  Pretty crazy to think about.  It isn’t like we drive to Colorado once a year, all miles are in an area of Omaha.  Well, we are scheduled to get a new rig next week and this could very well be my last day with this truck.  So, I figured it was only appropriate to show it off.  It is getting a little tired, springs are loose, brakes are acting up, but it still runs like a champ and can corner like a sports car!


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