What a great way to start off the month of June!  Can this guy get any cuter!  We had a really fun family session last night and the weather couldn’t have been better.




This was taken on Monday.  Beautiful day and this gentleman was helping pick up this small little park area.  He was trimming the trees a bit to keep the walking path open.  I liked how the red suspenders jumped out amid all the green.



The last day of elementary school for our son Luke.  Always bitter-sweet.  He is ready to move on, a very sharp and capable young man.  But, it is hard knowing that elementary school is over for us.  I guess that is the price you pay for getting older.  The school he attended does a really cool ‘mini-graduation’ for the fifth graders.  They play the Cornhusker game day song and lay out a red carpet for the kids to come down.  A nice send off.



Sony Nex 7, 35mm 1.8 lens.


An image from last night.  I was able to get out for a few minutes while my son was at soccer practice and try and get some landscape stuff.  Some good light last night.


Sony Nex 7, 35mm 1.8 lens.


During the reception, it was really challenging trying to find a good angle to shoot the bride and groom.  They were on an elevated stage and tucked back into a dark curtain.  In order to shoot them from the front, I had to stand in front of the folks trying to enjoy the reception.  The other option, the one I chose here, was to get behind the bride and groom and try and work that.  The only trouble with that, I was now in the direct line of sight for everyone.  Not very cool.  We did get this one really quick, and I did like how it turned out.


Sony Nex 6, 35mm 1.8 lens.


I really liked how this one turned out.  The Sony camera handles these tough lighting situations so well.  I can get more out of the shadows, and control the highlights really well with this little tool.  It helps to have a great subject and cool background to work with!


Sony Nex 7, Sigma 19mm 2.8 lens.


An absolutely perfect day for a wedding yesterday.  Great people to work with and we had a great time.  Kyle and Janay tied the knot, more images to come this week!  Congratulations guys!








Luke from his Muddy Buddy Race on Saturday.



One more image from our wedding Saturday.  The wedding party dance.  Always a good time and the night was just getting started for these folks!