Big barn with just a touch of snow.



A few more images from Sunday afternoon in Eastern Nebraska.  The first two are from near Mahoney State Park.  There is a really cool old farmhouse that has been abandoned.  The outbuildings seem to be in good shape, and it appears to still be a ‘working’ farm, just the cool old stone house is deteriorating.  The last image is of downtown Louisville, just south of Omaha.  I always wonder how this shot will look to someone 60 years from now?  When we look back, all the cars seem dated, and buildings change.  Cool stuff.







An image from yesterday,

Into the Mist…



It was great to be able to get out and do some photography yesterday afternoon.  Cruising some gravel roads, listening to some country music, and creating some images, a perfect Sunday afternoon.  It is always interesting what you may find.







I was finally able to get out of the house for a bit yesterday, still am not feeling 100%, but getting closer.  These were taken just east of Offutt AFB, outside of Bellevue.  I could hang out on gravel roads all day.





Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I have been down and out with the ‘crud’ that is running around.  This was honestly all the farther I could make it over the last few days, photography was definitely not the top priority lately.  My wife picked out this really cool chair last weekend for our living room.  As I was laying on the couch, I could tell that the light was hitting those rivets just right!




A little back story for this image.  In March, I will have been assigned to this rig for 10 years.  I am the ‘Engineer’ of the apparatus, which is really cool.  What kid, at some point in their life, hasn’t said, “I want to drive a fire truck.”  I have been lucky enough to do just that for a long time with the same rig.  Our truck has 90,000 miles on it and we have 3 shifts.  That means I have upwards of 30,000 miles of emergency apparatus drive time.  Pretty crazy to think about.  It isn’t like we drive to Colorado once a year, all miles are in an area of Omaha.  Well, we are scheduled to get a new rig next week and this could very well be my last day with this truck.  So, I figured it was only appropriate to show it off.  It is getting a little tired, springs are loose, brakes are acting up, but it still runs like a champ and can corner like a sports car!



Our family, from our usual Thanksgiving Day session.  I had to wait until all the Christmas cards were out before posting this.



I had to kill a little time yesterday, my wife wanted to stop at the mall real quick to return some items.  I am not a huge mall fan, I will go if I have to, but…  So, I cruised around a couple of abandoned businesses looking for an image.



Luke in the driveway.  He got this skateboard for Christmas, and this was his first chance to get out and use it.  Lots of sand in the road, so it didn’t work out the greatest, but I think he still had a little fun.