An image from the tower at Mahoney State Park.  The Nex 6 has a ‘miniature’ effect that can be really cool if used in the proper situations.  Not sure if this works or not, but I like the idea.


Sony Nex 6, 35mm, 1.8 lens.


An image from the grocery store the other day.  I don’t know if anyone else feels like this, but it sure seems like we have been spending a lot of time getting groceries over the holidays!  Also, for the second image, my new Sony Nex 6.  An absolute blast to work with and I look forward to the new year with a new system!  Both images shot with the iPhone 4s.




Luke with his best pirate imitation.


Sony Nex 6, 35mm, 1.8 lens.


More sledding!!  The two boys in question are figured prominently in the first image, I love this shot.  They are having a blast together.  The last two images I also like…, a lot.  They both took their turn driving the sled, trying to get a huge jump.  In both cases, somebody bailed off the back to avoid serious injury!  Cool stuff.

Sony Nex 6, Sigma 19mm, 2.8 lens.


Some images from a walk with our dog Dixie today.  Nothing ‘over the top’, but, having a small and portable camera is great for this type of stuff.  Plus, I really do feel the image quality is as good, if not better, than the Canon cameras I have been using for the past 13 years.

Sony Nex 6, 35mm, 1.8 lens.


Lots of people, lots of presents, and lots of food.  What a great Christmas Day.  One of the highlighted gifts at our house was the Bug Creator that Pierce got.  I guess boys are still interested in things that don’t involve a screen sometimes…

Sony Nex 6, 35mm, 1.8 lens.


My Mom has a new addition to her family, just in time for Christmas.  Everyone was filled with anticipation, would the puppy be available for purchase?  Upon entering the store, things didn’t look so good, the puppy was already spoken for.  But, after a small miracle, Billy has entered the fold.  Nothing says “Welcome to the Family”, like a good hot bath!

Sony Nex 6, 35mm, 1.8 lens.


My view on Friday evening, trying to run out and grab some take-out for our family.  With the first snow in quite awhile, it really feels like Omaha is having to ‘re-learn’ how to drive again in the wet stuff.  Travel has been very slow going…

Sony Nex 6, 35mm, 1.8 lens.


A ‘multiple image’ post!  We haven’t had one of these in awhile.  We were lucky enough to have some time Friday evening to get the boys out on some sleds.  It was cold, and dark, but they had a blast.  They started playing a new game called Hijacked.  The basic premise of the game is to ‘hijack’ a sled from an unsuspecting rider!  Needless to say, they had a blast wrestling on the hill.

 Sony Nex 6, 35mm, 1.8 lens.


I was with my wife in, I believe, Younkers.  (All the stores start looking the same for me.)  I really thought these were some of the creepiest things I have seen.  The mall was very quiet, due to the snow storm, and these were all lined up everywhere.

iPhone 4s.