One of our last senior sessions of the year.  We worked down around the 13th and Nicholas area and may have to avoid that location for awhile.  Too many trucks, and construction vehicles down there.  The whole area is being developed and it really made for some noise.  We are still really lucky with the weather this time of year!  Images were captured with the Sony Nex 6 and 50 1.8.


The first dance.  I really enjoy creating this image.  Using an off camera flash, fired by a wireless controller, I can move around the dance floor working different angles.  These guys really enjoyed their evening and they work great to work with.


I talked yesterday about ‘moments’.  This was a pretty cool moment from Saturday, the brides’ Mom was seeing her daughter for the first time in her wedding dress.  I can only imagine the gamut of emotions a Mother has to go through upon seeing her daughter get married.  I am lucky, I get to be involved in all of the ‘behind the scenes’ of a wedding day.


Saturday…, what a great day!  As a wedding photographer, it is amazing to me, that I get to share in the most important moment in some people’s lives.  Over the next couple of days I will post some of those ‘moments’.  This image was a tough one.  The light was fading fast, and there was a very cold wind coming off the lake.  I do think we came away with something usable here.  Congratulations you two, enjoy the honeymoon!!


This is an image from Saturday at St. Roberts at 120th and Pacific in Omaha, Ne.  I was shooting a wedding there and was looking for an image to help tell the story of the day.  I felt this was a solid ‘over-view’ image of the church.  I am sure the bride and groom will be able to instantly recognize this and hopefully they enjoy it.  We did have a great day, filled with great people.


This time of year is always very special for us.  We have some great friends and family, and getting together and sharing good times is what life should be about.  With the great weather we have had, a bonfire was a great excuse to get outside.  Sony Nex 6 with the kit lens.


A couple of images from our senior session on Wednesday.  We were really lucky with the weather this late in the year!  An absolutely great kid to work with, very laid back, and real easy in front of the camera.  I did use the Sony Nex 6 for the senior session.  I really like the way the Sony renders black and white images, very natural with lots of depth to the image.


Giving thanks.  There about a million things we should all give thanks for.  But, there is the one thing that I give thanks for every single day.  My incredible family.  These are all images from the archives…


A couple of still life images from the fire station.  I have tried to complete this shot many times during my career.  I finally feel like I have something that I could hang on the wall if I had to.  Hose is so important for what we do at the fire station.  It is the most simple thing, but could make the difference between life and death if we can’t get water.  The second image is the pump panel that the Engineer of the rig is in charge of.  This is where all the decisions are made concerning water pressure and what hoselines need charging.  Both images captured with Sony Nex 6.


The ‘garage’ test.  My boys know this drill really well.  I have been working with a new system for photography, trying to learn a new tool can be challenging.  I have been using Canon gear for 13 years.  I will probably be switching systems for next season.  The one place I know I can practice and learn is the garage.  The light comes in just right, bouncing off the concrete floor with a dark background.  This is where I can work on getting images in focus, and not blow a session for a client.  The boys have been my ‘models’ for this for years.  They know the drill, shoulders turned just a bit, chin to the right.  It is great that they continually put up with me!